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Design of next project - 3D Print

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  • Design of next project - 3D Print

    A while ago i mentioned redesigning an old school Sharp Ghettoblaster. Its been a part time design project whilst i have one of the big printers fixed. The design is true to the original size, but obviously need to look at volumes for the Visaton drivers.

    The questions i have is around the Dayton Audio charging boards and a couple of ideas around using a raspberry PI and a DA or Sure 2x50w BT amp.

    I know the board i was will charge on its own, but wondering if any have also used a buck converter down to 5v and a RPI run both. I also wasnt sure if i could use a switch to toggle between BT and an audio in to choose what i actually want to do.

    Im probably biting off more than i can chew, but do like a challenge.
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    Ha, very cool! What Gen'Xer wouldn't want one of these in the garage?
    ~Brandon 8O
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      The imagination is running wild on this, trying to find a spectrum analyzer that's around 300mm long and 40mm high to put at the top, then there was the raspberry pi, also looked Physical EQ....but then I want it to run off a battery, which will sacrifice internal volume lol, it really is a rubix cube

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    Considering I'm using W 130 X - 2 X 4 OHM as the woofer and it looks like it would be in a 0.13 - 0.14cuft enclosure (ea) and tuned to a F3 in the late 40's, would it be recommended to try and match a PR (or two) or go a port? Not having done any speakers over 3.5inch before I must admit I'm in virgin territory, so far I was looking at a 40mm port around 420mm long, which seems big and might chew up that internal volume? A little unsure


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      As the dual voice coil woofer is proving hard to actually model, i was considering using the PACTO design that Visaton currently uses, where they cross a FR58 around 250hz.I know it would be better to try a design myself, but have tried and failed. I think that the FR58 is in a sealed enclosure.
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        Your first larger-woofer build AND a series cross-over? Cool!
        My first 2way build