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Recommended crossover for this woofer/tweeter combo?

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  • Recommended crossover for this woofer/tweeter combo?

    Peerless by Tymphany BC25TG15-04 1" Silk Dome Tweeter

    Goldwood GW-S650/4 6-1/2" Poly Cone Woofer 4 Ohm

    They're going to be used as door speakers in my car.

    Edit: All of this is completely new to me so any additional resources would be greatly appreciated.
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    As low as you can, as the main problem with car speakers is off-axis response in the mids, because the midbasses are seldom near ear level. I'd say that tweeter would be comfortable at 2kHz with a third order high pass.


    • Pounder
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      Are there any examples of assembled ones here on PE you could show me? I was having trouble finding one that supports a 4 ohm tweeter.

    • Geoff Millar
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      Paul Carmody's Classix II is sold as a kit here on Parts Express, details are also on his website

      The BC25, a nominal 4 ohm tweeter, is used in many other projects; crossover point depends on the woofer or mid used. If the question is whether you can use the BC with a 4 ohm woofer, that will depend on your amp/receiver.


    • billfitzmaurice
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      Off the shelf crossovers are NFG. Learn how to calculate your own with the appropriate software. You don't necessarily have to go 4th order, but I wouldn't do 2nd order either, especially when just one more cap to get 3rd order does so much better a job.

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    2nd order HighPass: 8uF series cap, then a 1.0mH shunt coil (to ground), then a 20ohm resistor to gnd. (in parallel w/the tweeter (or "across" its terminals)).
    2nd order LP w/Zobel(thingy): Use a 0.60mH series coil, then a 10uF shunt cap, then Zobel: R = 5ohms + cap = 22uF.

    Runs "flat" near 90dBv. Fc @ 2k. Solid 4ohm design.
    If the tweeter's too loud, you can add resistance out front (amp side of HP filter) approx. 1ohm per dB (drop).