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    Constructions: Dayton+SB 2-Way v1 | Dayton+SB 2-Way v2 | Fabios (SB Monitors)
    Refurbs: KLH 2 | Rega Ela Mk1


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      • fpitas
        fpitas commented
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        Yes, some stations have enormous power, and if you're unfortunate enough to live near them you often get to hear them, like it or not.

        Also, some amplifiers do not tolerate RF well on the inputs or outputs. The RF gets rectified and amplified.

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      'Havana Syndrome' - when an otherwise good, but overcompessed pop song gets stuck in your head.


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        But with all that compression, more songs can fit in your head


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          Sort of related: when I'm listening to anything on our system, and the vacuum cleaner is going, there's a high pitched whine/whistle through the speakers: presumably there's something going into our Yamaha RX-596 receiver from the motor in the cleaner? As soon as the vacuum stops, the noise stops.

          As an observation about the RFI issue, Jimi Hendrix' Isle of Wight concert in 1970 was plagued by local walkie-talkie conversations coming through his amps - same problem, perhaps?



          • billfitzmaurice
            billfitzmaurice commented
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            For sure, especially since Hendrix favored single coil pickups rather than humbuckers. When I was a teenager my band used to practice in a house within sight of radio transmitter towers. When our instruments were turned up the radio was always there in the background. Turning off the instrument volume controls or unplugging the instrument cords from the amps got rid of it.
            The noise from the vacuum is probably from the motor brushes. Time for a brushless cordless vacuum. I just got one, and it's so easy to grab and go that I use it almost as much as I should.

          • Geoff Millar
            Geoff Millar commented
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            Thanks Bill, we have a Dyson stick vacuum which doesn't seem to produce the same noise through the receiver, however, its loud 'hissing ' noise also gives me the 'toms' (British rhyming slang).