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    Originally posted by djg View Post
    I notice the OP continues to lurk.

    I have no problem with PE. I'll bet you 'll never get this from PE, this stuff is strictly Ebay.

    Click image for larger version

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    That's just wrong.
    Man, if people stopped wasting so much energy cheating and stealing, imagine how beautiful this world would be! We'd all be wearing spandex jackets, probably.

    Steve, I've always appreciated your contributions to this board, I've categorized you as a 'positive' person in my mind, you try to be encouraging as far as I've seen.
    I respect your position... but still, I hope to see you back around Tech Talk in the future.

    We've lost too many good contributors over the years.

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    *Part 2 *Gluing multiple curved laminations of HDF


    • Steve Lee
      Steve Lee commented
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      Thanks TomZ - I haven't left, I still follow threads of interest and knowledgeable posters. There are hundreds of "lurkers" here so I am in good company
      I have just found that I have to forgo the convenience of PE as a supplier and put a little more effort into searching for better priced components elsewhere and it pays off in spades.

      Best to the members here.

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    Just buy their open box items, for more than half off. That is a bargain to me. I hardly ever buy new unless I am just dying to try something that just came out. All my cars in the last 15 years all bought cash all used. All my cell phones all used or refurbished. All my PC hardware server hardware laptops tablets all used refurbished restocked etc. The electronics industry is milking the consumer the only way to change that is to change as a consumer. You do not do that by complaining, you do that by changing yourself.


    • a4eaudio
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      I have got some amazing deals on Open Box and Refurbished items from PE.

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    I think the discussion on editorial policy and pricing are unrelated topics (or should be). This company offers a wide range of items that make life easier for the speaker builder, so thanks for that. I have seen first hand what happens on an non-policed discussion board and its intellectually stimulating for sure but the threads can turn into a free for all at times which frustrates members. Thinking of the old Madisound board, wonderful and terrible. This works here well enough. Thanks for that.


    • Wolf
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      Paul Verdone, is that you?