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To the Moderators on this site . . .

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  • lasse
    Not wanting to comment on the moderator function at all.

    AND not wanting to pour gasolin on a fire but speaking of prices, you US friends could take a virtual tour to Sweden and see some prices!

    Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Unbiasedsound
    Technically this forum is to talk about electronics/audio related topics as I can see why a mod would delete topics not related to audio as it can clutter up the forum and take up space. I wouldnt take it personally.

    I agree with you about the rising prices but its rising everywhere not just at P.E.......Gas prices are insane.

    The main reason I buy products from P.E. is because they have provided me with good service so far (knock on wood lol) as I just place 2 more orders. within this week.

    The mods on this forum is more relaxed then the mods on the DIY forum as they are dictators not even abiding by there own rules its a do as I say not as I do type of forum. One guy got banned even though he did not break any forum rules because a mod at the DIY forum stated he was not in the "SPIRIT" of the forum. SMDH LOL

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  • Steve Lee
    started a topic To the Moderators on this site . . .

    To the Moderators on this site . . .

    You have made this place an unfriendly and humor lacking environment by your heavy handed editing of member postings such that none of us can get to know the other members at all - it is pure business for you.

    You have chosen to delete everything that does not comport to your desires and that is your right.

    Ebay is a more affordable place to buy your wares and is as sterile as you have made this forum become devoid of human interaction.

    My PE project lists will now be deleted due to your actions - I will purchase audio gear elsewhere from here on out.

    You keep raising your prices almost daily as well and call them sales items - it is laughable.

    Best of luck in the future and I hope you make it and remain in business and can keep your staff employed.

    I have purchased from you when it wasn't the least expensive place to buy in order to support you but you have now gotten under my skin of late.

    Good luck.

    Steve Lee.