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Non ported Amigas ??

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  • Non ported Amigas ??

    So I just finished my Amiga speakers and Sunflower center .
    I'm thinking of building non ported Amigas for my surrounds .
    Paul C recommends a box that is 8 to 11 liters .
    So can I use the same crossover for these ? And should the baffle layout stay ( in terms of tweeter and woofer spacing ) stay identical to the original Amigas ? I was figuring a baffle that was about 13" x 8 " and the depth would be made to bring the box to The 8 to 11 liters . Has anyone built these ?

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    I can't speak for Paul, but the answer to the common question is often:
    - Crossover remains unchanged.
    - Keep the baffle width the same.
    - Keep the driver positioning the same on the shorter baffle (distance from sides, top, and other drivers).
    - Speaker depth can be altered as needed.
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      Click image for larger version

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      I was thinking of a box like this . Using the PE front baffle and custom making the box . Securing it to the back wall up high . Any thoughts ? Would the volume of the box be adequate ? Any advice on internal bracing ?


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        THAT box (dwg) is under 5L, so . . .


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          HMMMM . I thought I had it right . How deep would the box have to be ? I don't want to go any larger in the length .

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        About 3" deeper (the volume gets calc'd from the INternal dimensions).