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Yung SD300 300W enough for a Dayton Audio UM18-22 18" Ultimax?

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  • Yung SD300 300W enough for a Dayton Audio UM18-22 18" Ultimax?

    I just picked up an 18" Ultimax from PE to couple (hopefully) with my 300W Yung I've had for a month. I'm sure there is a way to simulate this is VituixCAD, but I haven't got to that point.

    I plan to port the box, and haven't run any design calcs on it just yet, but wanted to garner peoples thoughts if this 300W is going to be enough.

    This will primarily be a home theater setup, and may turn it off during hi-fi music listening.


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    Ported is enormous, but ...
    in 7cf closed (still enormous) it'll hit 108dB @ 300RMS @ 30Hz w/a Q near 0.77 (before stuffing).

    TTBOMK you won't gain too much going vented w/a Yung amp as they all high-pass the bottom end below 25-30Hz?


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      any reason to go with another amp and return/sell this Yung?

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    I think you need at least 500W amp for that beast.
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      I agree that you need more power. I am about to build a new sub and have been modeling the ultimax subs along with many others. They are inefficient and seem to need power more than most of the Dayton subs. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk


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        100+db below 30hz is "need more power" range? Oof, poor ears.
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          I have experience with the BASH 500W, but not with the 1000W Dayton. I had a 250W Dayton die on me years ago and left a salty tase in my mouth. Any other suggestions? Go with the 500 BASH?

          I actually would like to know if there is a "desktop" amp that doesn't have to be tied into the enclosure to use rather than go with a plate amp... any suggestions on that?


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          Be aware that the Bash amps all have some boost dialed in (you should model it). You might want to go sealed and boosted, unless your box can be fridge-sized.


          • zinger084
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            i can go fridge size with how i'm finishing this room... but i'll have to run some numbers and see. right now i'm between the 500 and 1000W amp...