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Speaker placement in boombox, & to port or not?

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  • Speaker placement in boombox, & to port or not?

    Hey everyone, I had a couple questions. I dont know a whole lot about the real technical side of building boxes and such, but I love doing it.

    I have an enclosure that I'm making into a boombox. It's a very unique 'thing' that I've never seen used before. Therefore, the size is the size, I can't make it any bigger. The speeakers I'm using are the 3" full range Peerless. I know they require more internal volume, but each one (2 total speakers in each of their own airspace) is basically going to be in about a 6"x6"x6" 1/4" MDF enclosure.

    Powered by a 12v tool battery, and a 20W amp.

    My question is, given these dimensions, would it be best to leave the enclosures sealed, or port them? Also, does mounting the speakers on the sides of a box (so theyre not facing you in the front like usual) harm anything sound-wise? Is it always better to have speakers facing you if possible?

    Thanks for any help!

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    They have to be on the front because of the on axis response. Because they are 3 inch speaker a 1 inch port is enough and fit easely if not tuned to low ( 80 hz ?)


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      So your box is about 6 x 6 x 12"?

      Since you didn't specify which Peerless 3"er (of the 9 that PE lists), I'll say that the 264-1145 should do 75Hz in 0.11cf (internal) using a 1-1/4"id tube that's 3" long. That's probably 40Hz lower than if you went sealed & stuffed.


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        I'm sorry, they are TC9FD-18-08 and yea, the actual internal dimensions of each airspace is about 5" X 5 3/4" X 6 1/2".

        So what is your take on speakers being on the sides of a box, as oppossed to the front? Only reason I ask is because the front will be a bit of a tight fit (do-able though) so the sides would allow more room. I still want it to sound good though. Also, should a port be on the same side of a speaker, or can that be on the back/side/bottom?

        Thanks for all the input guys, appreciate it!


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          Woofers on the sides are okay because the low frequency sound waves are not directional. But all of the midrange and high frequencies that ARE directional are just going to go to the sides rather than the listener's ears.

          Port can be wherever is most convenient.


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            Ok great, makes sense. Thanks so much for all the help!