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Sunflower Center Channel speaker as a surround

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  • Sunflower Center Channel speaker as a surround

    Would it be possible to use two Sunflower cc speakers as L & R surrounds ? If you have seen my last post I want to build something that matches my Amigas and my sunflower cc .
    It may work for me because it's more linear and might blend better appearance wise into my living room . It also sounds great as a CC .

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    Like at the dawn of my aviation maintenance career, my mentor, looking at my efforts:

    "Well, it's not how I would have done it, but I guess it's OK."


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      Well , I'm just throwing it out there . It will be a while before I build my surrounds , so I want to look at all options .


      • djg
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        Just an attempt at humor. It just seems an odd form factor for surrouinds. It may work for you. Some people prefer a point source, some a more diffuse surround sound.

        My surrounds are homemade coaxial oddities pointing straight up jammed in my rear corners. Works for my room which is far from ideal.

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      What I would really love to do is a small speaker using the Dayton RS100 and the Amiga tweeter Peerless DX25TG59-04 . Basically a mini version of the Amiga . But I am NO engineer and I wouldn't even know
      where to start . Any Ideas ?