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New Overnight Sensations - I think I need to troubleshoot

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  • New Overnight Sensations - I think I need to troubleshoot

    I've successfully built TriTrix TL speakers a few years ago. They are awesome!!
    I just built some Overnight Sensations and I think I did something wrong. They don't sound very good (to me). The low-end is nice and full. But overall, it's not a very crisp sound. Now, I'm 56 yrs old, have had constant high-pitched ringing in my ears for at least 30 of those years. I don't wear hearing aids, but have been tested (and suggested my hearing isn't bad enough yet). I'm using a ZK-1002M audio amp connected to my computer.

    I used THIS YouTube audio test and I can't hear anything above 6kHz. My wife can though. On the high-freq test, she doesn't hear anything past about 13.5kHz (but her hearing might not be what it was either.

    I thought something might be messed up on the crossover. But I quadruple-checked the crossover and it certainly appears to be wired OK.

    I disconnected the woofers and just listened to the tweeters on a regular song off YouTube. I can hear audio - but not very loud.

    I also don't have everything completely sealed up in the cabinet yet, but there can't be a whole lot of leaking air. The polarity is correct.

    Any suggestions on how either verify I built everything correct - but without any fancy test equipment? Or other suggestions? I can post pictures if needed.


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    After listening to them for a while, I think they are OK. It would be nice to be able to get an actual audio test done with them.
    I might want to add a subwoofer at some point also..


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      I'm 70 BTW.

      Click image for larger version

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        I'm right behind you djg. And that cartoon is awesome!!

        My son was just over (he gave me the parts to build the speakers for Christmas).
        He could hear up to 17kHz, but he's only 25 yrs old.
        I'll call the speakers a success!!


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          Depending on your preference, some older people slope the higher frequencies up a tad using an equalizer. Since you're using a computer source that's not an expensive proposition. Of course that may make it sound a bit shrill to younger ears


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            Click image for larger version

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