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Do All My Speaker Drivers Need The Same Ohm Rating?

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  • Do All My Speaker Drivers Need The Same Ohm Rating?

    I guess this is more of a crossover build question from a noob.

    I want to use an 8ohm woofer with a 4 ohm tweeter in my cabinet - does the crossover need to have a 4 ohm resister in series with the 4ohm tweeter so it works nicely for the amp?

    Follow up question: Do I need to worry about other factors such as the resistance at which the speaker operates (Zmin, Zo, etc.) and the DC resistance [Re] (as opposed to the nominal resistance) in my crossover or driver selection?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Toids DIY Audio on YouTube does a very informative video on this exact subject Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk


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      Thanks, that helped a lot. I have more questions about how it works now, but I know enough to know that I probably shouldn't worry about it too much

      Thanks for taking the time to find that resource for me, Phil; I was struggling.