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3d printing cabinet braces?

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  • 3d printing cabinet braces?

    I'd like to add some internal braces to some small MDF speaker cabinets, about the same size as Overnight Sensations give or take. These days I don't have the tools to be cutting MDF sooooo...

    What if I were to 3D print the braces out of plastic (PLA), and epoxy them into the cabinets? PLA is quite stiff, and I could design them to be very stiff indeed.

    What do you think? Is there any reason why plastic braces wouldn't work to brace a cabinet, provided they are designed well?


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    Should work OK. Of course, cheap wooden dowels work fine too. Not as high-tech, though


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      I wanna get clever and combine a brace with a flared port.

      And perhaps even consider creating egg-crate-esque shapes for the internal walls, instead of foam.

      Tough to do with broomsticks


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        As long as you're having fun, who am I to stop you?

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      Originally posted by lunchmoney View Post
      I wanna get clever and combine a brace with a flared port...
      Could get even and print the brace ready to accept some dowel rods to further stiffen it up...

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        I was going to say the same thing. Doesn't necessarily have to have to be wooden dowels. Just like everything else, dowels are kind of spendy these days and they didn't even have the size I wanted in stock last month. 3D printing a way to easily print brackets for the use of 1x2's would be pretty neat as well as reduce material cost in both wood and PLA.