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Powering Amp Boards - Car (14v) and Home (120v)

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  • Powering Amp Boards - Car (14v) and Home (120v)

    I've done some searching and haven't come up with much concrete information.

    Looking to power Class D amp boards both at home and in car. Interested in these new Class D boards with built-in DSP:

    And perhaps one of these for subs:

    For home use I've seen people use a laptop power supply. Is this reasonable?

    For in car use I have no idea how to proceed. Is a boost board sufficient? Do you need to stiffen in with large amounts of capacitance? Anyone tackled this before?

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    For home use, nothing wrong with a laptop supply if it has the right voltage and sufficient current capability. Be careful about adding huge capacitance to a laptop output, you might make it oscillate unless you insert a little series resistance.


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      This bugger for car applications:

      It's limited to 100W though, so it'll do smaller power amps or you'll need multiples. I haven't dug elsewhere on the internets to find a similar power supply that has higher power capacity.

      Adding large amounts of capacitance isn't recommended after the power supply (either application), could damage them due to the current in-rush to charge up the caps. For cars, the big capacitance goes before the power supply but is of little use until you're looking at 40A + power lines to a trunk or something. I'm not in the massive watts + subs club for cars, I just want about 100dB peak capacity and 30Hz extension which is fairly easy to do with 100W and good woofer design.
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