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Small full range drivers pushing a big peerless PR.

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  • Small full range drivers pushing a big peerless PR.

    You all probably know I've been getting into 3d printing, what they don't tell you is when they break they can be a pain to I'm looking at a mini sharp boombox whilst I fix the bigger printer, which made me think can 2x DMA45s or BF37s actually be able to move a peerless 3.5inch passive? They look ok in winisd not not sure if it would actually do anything.

    Still got all the left over stock and even some of the small tebms and looking for an excuse to print

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    I think it might work better if the PR was lighter (that Peerless looks about 2X heavier than the other two 3.5" PR's that showed up on PE), but I'm also getting some wonky results in general so I might be doing something wrong (using VituixCAD which usually is pretty straightforward for PR' I might just be being dumb today). Plus this sounds like a use-what-you-have kind of thing, so I admit curiosity. :D
    My first 2way build


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      I think that PR is quite hard to use, the Fs is really low in the specs, I just have 4 of them sitting there gathering dust from my first phantom project which didn't quite work out, I agree the Dayton ND ones would be better I was just wondering what I could stick in this thing without spending anything apart from the filament. Plus it gives me a 24-48hr print to see how it actually turns out for the bigger one, If I choose to proceed.

      I was considering using one of those csr Bluetooth amps like my other tiny builds but realized they only accept 4ohm drivers and I have the DMA45s in 8ohn for the last few units

      Probably like everyone else at the moment and working from home 3-5 days a week, I'm enjoying using my few small bt battery powered builds for that background music whilst I design, so keen for another lowfi build. Sort of gives me a little happiness to know I designed, printed and assembled something like this, maybe even on day sell them and retire lol......"doubt it"