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speakers for terrible placement?

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  • speakers for terrible placement?

    It may not even be worth building something for the spot but I've got a shelf behind my desk that puts the speakers against a wall and about a foot above my head and about two feet away. Listening volume is usually pretty low, powered by a Akitika GT-102 amp.
    Most speakers of any size that I try there have too much bass for that close to my head. Zaph's ZA5.2 with the baffle step reduction were too much. I've got a pair of small 30 year old infinity speakers there now that don't sound terrible with a voxel subwoofer on the floor. But I'm always wondering if there is some smallish DIY that would work there. I've also considered wall brackets that would allow me to angle them more directly at the listening position.
    It sometimes seems that the smaller the speaker the less DIY makes sense and with the added terrible location it may be a lost cause. I'd like to keep drivers and crossover components for both under $300; but I'm open to considering more if it is enough better. My guess is it just isn't worth spending more money on the setup.

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    Have you considered EQ? If you have a computer source it's pretty easy these days.


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      I second the EQ option if at all possible.

      Otherwise, I've really enjoyed the DMA45 drivers so far. They don't get super loud and normally their bass doesn't go very deep, but they get plenty loud for a 2-3ft listening distance and wall/corner assisted bass should be something they'd like. Plus their tiny size means their off-axis frequency is very similar to their on-axis there's less need to worry about facing them toward you if you don't want to. Plus the single full-range driver means there's no worry about listening too close where the tweeter+woofer don't have enough distance to sum together ideally, when there's only one driver handling all the frequencies and nothing to sum (if that's even a concern...I can't say I've personally had trouble with it either way).
      I'm sure there are other good, tiny, fullrangers to choose from. The DMA45-4 just happens to be the only one of this size that I've used.
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        I can't imagine these having too much bass.


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          Or these, 4" coax, excellent sound.


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            thanks for the replies. The source is a streamer that doesn't have EQ options. The 4" coax looks pretty interesting. I was also considering something like Zaphs B3N or Wolfs Dragon Foals.


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              The coax is way better than the Zaph B3N, I built both. The B3N is surprisingly dull sounding.

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            Synchaetas might do very well for you. Sealed box and great sound.
            The DF might have too much kick for your placement, but the vocals are rendered really well.

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