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  • DIY ATMOS height kits

    Greetings all. Anyone know of any kits available for ATMOS height speakers. Either wall mounted, downward firing wall mounted like the SVS speakers or upward firing to sit on top of my main floor standers?

    Thank you for any ideas.


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    I looked a lot a while back. Not much out there. The Volt kit from Diysoundgroup is a popular option. But is often out of stock.

    I was going for In ceiling and looked at a several in ceiling speakers. Got limited feedback that said the pe and moniprice we adequate, but not great.

    I ended up purchasing four YAMAHA NS-IC600 6.5" 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker. I got a good deal on refurbished ones from accessories 4 less. I winged it and built a box ~ 14"*16"x8" from 1/2" mdf" and threw some fiberglass in and was done. No cross over or anything else needed.

    I've watched a dozen movies or so and am very happy with them. I think they sound good and we're well worth doing.

    But honestly, everything but my Atmos is on an external amp. I've played a couple atmos movies from Disney+ with the amp off and the amount of sound from the Atmos is pretty small. I don't think it justifies more than say $100 per location, probably less. Just my opinion these days.
    - Ryan

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