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BUILD - "Not what I wanted, but it's what I'm getting" 80's Inspired SHARP mini

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    Originally posted by 3rutu5 View Post

    great advice, i went back just before and soldered a switch onto it and it works. Hopefully now i can wire up the USB-C breakout, to a TP4057 BMS, then to the buck converter. but just before the buck ill put a spst switch there so it will never be more that 4 volts.

    reading a little more, i think i need to swap my double gang linear pot and it sounds like half way on the dial isnt the same as half way on the volume, which i didnt know about.
    Yeah, I think the ones we like to use in audio are 'A' taper, or audio taper pots, which do not increase pass-through the same way, but in a way that our "ears" find more linear.
    Others can explain this better, but you're right, a linear taper pot can go from quiet to loud in an annoyingly small amount of pot travel.

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      i bought an audio one, plus have some sure/wondom pots on a PCB with plugs, that i was thinking i could try figure out which pin was what and try that.

      printing my 18650 mount and plate for the amp to sit on....ill tell you one thing, space is quickly becoming a premium.