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DSP500 amp was working, now no output

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  • DSP500 amp was working, now no output

    I just bought this thing about 3 months ago. It was working fine, then today it just quit. The light in the upper left hand corner is green, and when I cycle the power, the red limit light just below the green light comes on briefly, then goes out. I checked the two fuses for the power input, they are good. I don't see any output fuses, but I haven't taken anything apart either since it's under warranty. I hooked it up to 2 different preamp sources and that made no difference, so I believe the problem is within the amp. I'm just checking to see if there's anything else I can check before I send it in for warranty repairs...

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    Early failure, call for warranty replacement. They should take care of you.
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      As long as there are no loose leads like one came off the driver, or the driver does not measure 'open' or smell smoky, then it should be the amp.
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        Send it back. My two DSP250s have been flawless for years. Bad unit.


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          I live 30 minutes from the PE store, so I took the amp back, along with a copy of my receipt. They replaced it with a new one. This one works better than the previous one, as it has a stronger output. I had to turn the volume control down compared to where I had the last one set...PE stands behind their products!


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            Yes, they are pretty good at that.