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probably OT. Headphone maintenance question

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  • Steve Lee
    Order replacement ear pad coverings that are velour or something more durable.

    Clean the pads so that bacteria and mold doesn't eat them while not in use.

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  • LOUT
    started a topic probably OT. Headphone maintenance question

    probably OT. Headphone maintenance question

    I haven't used over-ear headphones for nearly 10years since my old ones' padding started really falling apart. On a mostly pointless whim I ordered some SuperLux (hd688b?) that were pretty well-reviewed on rtings. I'm betting they use a similar cheap faux leather cup/padding material which eventually started flaking and deteriorating on the previous set.
    Is there some kind of proper maintenance that helps avoid this?

    If I'm remembering right, I had two sets of those AT's and one had been left in the original box in a closet where it was decently cool and temperature-controlled and dark. It wasn't heavily used either...only a handful of times over a couple years at most. I don't think it was heat/UV/temp-swings/wear'n'tear..and probably not dirt/grease.
    In addition to any tips/tricks to extend the life of that padding, are there some suggestions for what cleaners to use or avoid or if that's usually not needed?

    I'm guessing this is probably the kind of information I should search online in general, but PETT is full of people who enjoy listening to music and taking care of their beloved probably as good a place to ask as any.