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    Originally posted by jimbones View Post
    donradick looks pretty good to me lol! So I dont care what I use but the MTM section will be either a 6T6 or 5T5. Now I know as the cone diameter gets smaller you MAY be able to crossover higher if the driver response can cover it. If I use the Fountek with the circuit you provided (TY) that is 3.8K or thereabouts that means I need a cone driver to get up that high....will a 5 inch do it? Then Im thinking it may sound anemic even though I am using subs and a 10 inch woofer in the bass box below it
    I've got that MTM section mated to a MLTL bottom with 2 x RS180 woofers. That get's plenty loud and clean enough for me, even when I crank it up to 90 dB or so.
    Ultimately, you have to run the simulation, but I'd think 2 x good 5 inch mids would work well.

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      Just curious has anyone used the GR Research M165 or M130's? They come in 8 and 16 ohm so depending n my final design I would like to stay at 8 ohm since I have a tube power amp


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      I have used them both in prior designs and were pleased with them. Definitely worth the price and well supported.