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OK, probably got more speakers than i knew

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  • OK, probably got more speakers than i knew

    We are having a BBQ and the boss told me i have to clean up my bookshelf, otherwise known the as the electronics dumping ground.....and it hit me that i've probably built more than i ever intended...

    Considering that this entire venture started out by repurposing my 21st present of some large towers MTM's into a TV cabinet that looks like a huge soundbar...which needs some TLC and 3d printing of grills, who would have thought that a ASD child doesnt like my choice of mesh.

    then moving onto the 2 sets of TEBM65's desktop speakers and the first venture into a BT speaker using the same drivers, which i think ill revisit and add the Chris's suggested BSC i put on the desktops as well as the LBB battery board. I'll admit it all the smaller builds dont come close to the full sound and bass that these TEBM's put out with the right sizing. Although bass wise the ND65 Phantom clone does a great job there as well. Giving them both a workout while cleaning. Might need to figure out how to remove the epoxy from the ND65 build as i might have picked the wrong battery board for the KAB 160m unit im using, trap for young players i guess, if you didnt know some of the KAB boards will control the charging and needs one style of DA charging board, where some do not and need to couple with the DA LBB one.

    The smaller gear is great for the WFH days and playing ambient music, maybe even the occasional BBQ if you arent chasing a rave. although with the beer cans, it did take 10 redesigns to get to the last 3 shown, with the final swan song being the 12v variant which actually has a ND65 wedged in there, doesnt sound too bad, but have an issue with the BT board always being on and draining the batteries.

    There has been a couple that have been redesigned, repurposed and just thrown away as well, which if they were kept/used/successful that photo would probably have another 5-10 sitting there. If my printers dont stop me, ill hopefully be adding some old school ghetto blasters up there (fingers crossed the full sized one with 5inch woofers)

    Anyway really a nothing post, more just noticing the journey to date and how the skills have improved thanks to FB groups (woodworking/3d printing), youtube and of course this tech talk forum, thanks for the assistance and paitence guys.
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    It's been fun watching you come up with... and then usually totally redesigning a bunch of these things. You've sparked enough interest in me to consider getting a 3-D printer now.

    You've really inspired me to do a few small-ish designs of my own after watching what you can do with a printer and some filament.

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      You've given us hours and hours of entertainment. That's gotta be worth something.
      Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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