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    Hello all,
    I'm interested in building an Amiga with an additional woofer. I'm guessing a TMM 2.5-way design would be best. I am about as green as green gets when it comes to crossovers. The good folks at Meniscus will build the crossover for me and ship it to me if I just tell them what I want. Is there anyone here that could draw out a quick crossover schematic for me to pass along to them?

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    A TMM or MTM with the RS180 and Vifa Dx25 will require new cabinets and crossovers and wouldn't be an 'Amiga'.

    I know a (very) little about designing crossovers, but my guess is that it would not be a simple exercise to develop either. For starters, it would require the responses of the drivers to be measured in the new cabinet - which someone would have to build, then various crossover configurations simmed and tested.

    Have you already bought the drivers, or considered an existing design? The following thread might give you some ideas:

    Some of the drivers mentioned in that thread are n/a but it's worth an optic.



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      What Geoff said. You're contemplating a very different speaker than an Amiga. Best to start with something close to what you really want.


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        What dimensions would the new box be?
        Will the new box be about 2X deeper (back to front) to allow the same bass tuning, or will it have different front dimensions where the baffle-step would change the sound, or will it be exactly the same size where the bass depth would end up limited to around 45-50hz instead of 34hz?

        Would it use the same RS180s-8 woofers but now in parallel for a 4ohm speakerbox at the end, or would it use different woofers or a different configuration?

        Assuming the baffle-step stays the same, and assuming the same RS180S-8 woofers (aka, your amp is 4ohm stable), I think this might work....though I'm not exactly a wizard at this and I'd definitely want someone (someoneses) more experienced to doublecheck it first:
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Amiga 2X schem test.png Views:	0 Size:	7.2 KB ID:	1483730
        The tiny resistors in series with the inductors are just representing those inductors' natural resistance...they aren't stand-alone parts.
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        My first 2way build


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          Someone just asked this a month or two ago. Here was the end result of the discussion:

          Isn't it about time we started answering rhetorical questions?

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            As a regular visitor here, I should have spotted that duplication - doh!

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          I wonder if that means we can look forward to a link for a writing service from the OP in the near future. :(
          My first 2way build


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            His English is far too good for that lol