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SoundEasy V28 released - ANSI-CTA-2034 automatic measurements

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    Hi Brendon,

    Thank you for the IR file and the Mike Cal file.

    The reason that Calibration SPL does not show on the MLS window, is because the Calibration file has been saved in old format of SoundEasy.

    Early versions of SoundEasy would save the Calibration files at the same average SPL level as the Loudspeaker driver itself. Typically – around 90dB. Then, when importing such file into MLS/ESS systems, the 90dB would be automatically stripped.

    I have been increasingly uncomfortable with this concept. Calibration file should correct small variations in the mike frequency response, so the correction values in the Calibration file should oscillate around 0dB. Later versions of SoundEasy implemented this concept, and the manual was progressively corrected to reflect this.

    In the later SE versions, exporting Calibration file should be performed using “Export SPL/Phase At 0dB (Target/Text File)” option from the main menu. This will ensure, that the file has correct entries in it. You can verify this easily using any Windows text editor.

    I see no issues with your IR file, except, that it was recorded at very low levels for both: Ref and Input channels.

    Best Regards,