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SoundEasy V28 released - ANSI-CTA-2034 automatic measurements

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  • bohdan
    Hi All,

    Some additional information.
    1. I did not include my website URL:
    1. Excellent presentation from Sean Olive:

    “Sean Olive on Predicting Loudspeaker Sound Quality and Listener Preference”

    Senior loudspeaker designers may be interested in the optimization of loudspeaker system response based on ANSI-CTA-2034 measurements. For this to happen, you will need to take the ANSI measurements for each driver in your system individually, and the use these data in CAD/Optimization process. SE will optimize for user-defined “Listening Window” targets and “Power Response” targets.

    The above is easily accomplished with V28. Just run each driver individually for horizontal and vertical SPL curves with 5deg stride with a press of a button. Have a coffee in the meantime J. SE control the measurements and the turntable.

    Best Regards,

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  • SoundEasy V28 released - ANSI-CTA-2034 automatic measurements

    Dear All,

    With this message I would like to announce the release of SoundEasy version 28.

    Firstly, many thanks to you, the Users, who contributed to maintaining the Excel list of new feature suggestions and bug reporting. As you will see in the List of Improvements in V28, your input has been guiding this release to quite significant extent.

    As with all previous releases, I would encourage you to review the List of Improvements to see if there is anything you may see helpful in your design activities.

    There are two items in V28, that may be of significant interest to you: (1) Automatic Extraction of Minimum-Phase response from measurements, and (2) Automatic ANSI-CTA-2034 tests with an external turntable.

    Given the global postal delays, possibly the quickest way for you to obtain V28 is to purchase V27 from PartsExpress and send me an email with your serial number.
    I will email you a free upgrade to V28.

    For complete list of the new features, please visit my website – thank you.

    Best Regards,