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Amiga build -- crossover mounting & veneer questions from a beginner

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    I have used hot glue, but IIRC, I sent a pair of speakers to Tom Zarbo, and I believe he had to repair a coil that came adrift during shipping. Now I use epoxy, specifically Bob Smith brand, as used on "Forged in Fire". Really.

    I would seal the port from inside with a fillet of caulk. If you are using the port supplied with the PE kit with a screw down flange, I would apply a fillet of caulk on the flange backside and be prepared to wipe off any squeezeout. To be honest, I've used that style port many times with no sealant, the flange stays flat. I am not familiar with E6000.

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      Here's a PVC pipe port exactly as Tom Zarbo described.

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks guys. I am indeed using the Parts Express port tube from the complete Amiga kit and will seal the flange.

        So I unpacked the tweeters today in anticipation of testing the crossovers that I’m building, and they both have what looks like some oily substance along the edge of the dome and on the dome itself. Not sure how well it’s showing up in these photos, but any chance it’s just manufacturing residue? Or am I looking at leaking ferrofluid?
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          Waiting to hear back from PE regarding whether I have anything to worry about with those tweeters, but in the meantime I got the crossovers assembled and tested and all seems to be working well. Again though don’t hesitate to point out anything that doesn’t look right as it’s all new to me (yes I’ll be clipping the leads and zip tying the standing inductors).
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