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  • RS225S Sub?

    I honestly do not remember how i ended up with a single RS225s-8, but I have. A friend was asking about a nice computer subwoofer build. I was about to extol the virtues of the Triska sub, that i have loved, and listened to for 12 years now, when i saw the lone 225 sitting on shelf. Are there any known builds out there utilizing a 225 as a small sub? Its specs suggest it could work well, as long as you aren't looking for rap level boom. I have a limited time frame, so designing from ground up won't work this time.

    i also have an SD215-8 new in box as well, so Triska is still on the table.
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    Your "old" (orig. ?) RS225"S"-8 should give a rolloff and F3 nearly identical to the SD215 in the Triska, IF ...
    you make the box 50% larger, and tune it a couple Hz lower.

    A 1.8cf box using a 3"id x 10" long port should yield an F3 near 30Hz. The RS has a cone about 1/4" smaller, but also +1mm in Xmax, so it should outproduce the SD (slightly).


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      1.8 cubic foot computer sub? lol

      I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.