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Dayton Audio DSP-408 - software question...

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  • Dayton Audio DSP-408 - software question...

    I guess this question is more for PE than anyone else, but I'm just wondering if the software that's provided for the DSP-408 is ever going to be updated to provide more features, e.g. a "compressor / limiter" option IMO would be a great addition.

    Of course it would be better if there was an option for 6 rather than 4 input channels, but that's going to require updated hardware...

    Reason that I'm asking is that there's a car show coming up here in September, and I'm considering some improvements that I'd like to make to my current car audio system. The two biggest ones would be inclusion of a decent DSP (to replace and improve on the DSP functions available in the Pioneer 80PRS head unit) and upgrading the subwoofer enclosure in the trunk (currently a combo fiberglass/wood enclosure in the spare tire well that I was never fully happy with because it isn't as inert as I'd like it to be).
    Brian Steele

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    I have checked into this and we are currently exploring the option of adding a limiter. I have passed your suggestions to our product development team to look into. Thank you!

    Troy Haney
    Tech Advisor
    Parts Express


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      Hi Troy, thanks for this info. BTW, I already have a DSP408, which I initially purchased for my car but ended up using to control my desktop audio system instead. For the car audio environment, the compression/limiting should come in handy. Even better would be five or six channels in (front / back / sub), but I suspect that would require new hardware . All of the drivers and crossover components in my car audio system are Dayton stuff, except for the subs (Alpine Type R 12" drivers), which stubbornly refuse to give up, otherwise they would have been replaced with some from the Dayton RS series a long time ago...

      Brian Steele