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Giving a old sharp a new life

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  • Giving a old sharp a new life

    Picked up a Sharp GF-5454 Ghetto blaster (1982) for a massive fee of 40.AUD. I don't think it's working and.missimg one switch which I can 3d print.

    I'm thinking about the best replacement speakers for this and considering Chris Roemer TCP115 and tweeter build coupled with a DA KAB amp (or SURE amp)

    I'm.goimg to look at the internal available volume, but thinking it would make a good little project. Might also look at cleaning it up and not sure if I want to give it a paint job..

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    I wonder if something like this might be a good idea almost every time I see a boombox in a store/thriftshop.
    Now I can watch someone with actual building/printing skills do it justice...while I spend $0.

    That SHARP looks neat, and those TCP115's are super cool.
    Is it realistic (or needed?) to mostly gut and seal the 5454 or does it already have its woofer compartments pretty nicely sealed along with enough space and port/pr potential for the woofers to reach deep?
    Do you want to have the tweeters behind the grills with the woofers, or do you plan to mount the tweeters where it looks like there were some beside the grills?

    I'm hungry for more details. I love this!
    My first 2way build


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      Honestly on the weekend (or tomorrow night) take the back off and have a look what I have to play with, the CAD version of.the other sharp one I was planning to print had those w130x2 woofers, but with this one I think it has some 4.3inch woofers. I would love to use the same tweeter spaces, just not sure what can me put in there.

      I have almost finished the 1.5inch reduced version and the bigger one but had issues with one of the printers breaking and I need to wait for parts and motivation so thought wonder if I could land a cheap real one.

      Would be awesome to keep some of the internal gear like the radio, but from memory the internal boards are pretty big. Guess I won't know until I pop the Hood


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        had friday off so decided to take the front panel off and see how a almost 40 year old boomer was made back then. Honestly didnt know what i had to play with, but appears we have a 120mm inch woofer, and 20mm for a tweeter. the Radio adjustment doesnt appear to work, whcih is a little sad, but can pull it all out. Not sure how to get the tweeters out yet, but will see if there is a less brutal option that what im thinking currently.

        i have to look into the depth, but thinking due to the internal volume that the TCP115-4 mid woofer would fit, with the help of a 3d printed bracket (or might drop in), but think regardless a spacer will be needed to keep that xmax in order. For the tweeter im not 100% certain as teh space is quite small, but meant for a naked unit, not sure if any of those DA presfit ones the plastic housing could be removed. there are some tiny tang band silk dome tweeters that would potentially just drop in, but still a noob in modelling x overs.

        I would love to use a KAB board or Sure Equvilant and actually have the 2x50 board down in the garage from Sure, but will look into that a bit more. potentially the old battery bank can house both tthe amp and the battery charging board, but would require more investigation.

        Something i wasnt aware of, but there is a grill for each woofer on the back which i assume acts as some form of port

        the unit itself isnt in that bad of condition, but wondering if it should be painted, with the only downside is the labels on teh board that cannot be removed will be hard to "reproduce"....
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          Darn, I just gave away all my old cassettes.