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Need help w/winged binding post?

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  • Need help w/winged binding post?

    I bought the Winged binding post but there is no instructions. There is a square that looks like it should go through the plate. And there is a red plastic piece that fits over the square part. So do I make a round or square hole???

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    It would help to know what part we are talking about.


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    Drill holes for the long threaded shafts through your cabinet. Mount the posts with the color coded base rings covering the square part of the base. The ad copy states these meet some euro standard, perhaps that square base shank is part of that standard. Seems superfluous here. The little color coded plugs go in the posts if you aren't using banana plugs.

    The square shanks would fit in a metal plate plate with matching square holes, and prevent the posts from twisting under tightening torque. I don't see any mounting plates in the PE catalog with square holes. If you're equipped to make square holes have at it.

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      I think I'd bore for shank, and use a jigsaw for the corners. If not, then a round hole big enough to insert it, and the torque from the nuts should be pretty good.

      Funny this, I have a set of those and have not noticed that as I've not tried to mount them yet.

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