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Automatic ANSI-CTS-2034 Testing Station

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  • Automatic ANSI-CTS-2034 Testing Station

    Dear All,

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    For those interested in taking your loudspeaker design to the next level, I have added a picture of ANSI-CTA-2034 Automated Testing Station. I have been using this set-up for all my ANSI-CTA-2034 measurements.

    Controlling software opens 7 screens to manage and display the process.
    1. Impulse Response screen – to show the measured IR.
    2. SPL screen – to display corresponding SPL (and Phase).
    3. Horizontal + Vertical Polar Plots screen – updated after each angular measurement.
    4. Turntable Control dialogue box – to set up and control measurements and the turntable.
    5. Horizontal CSD screen – to display horizontal CSD in real time.
    6. Vertical CSD screen – to display vertical CSD in real time.
    7. ANSI-CTA-2034 Performance screen – to display resulting performance in real time.

    Please note, that Vertical polar measurements require additional hardware to securely position the loudspeaker on it's side.

    Best Regards,