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    Sorry, Response Modeler.
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      Jeff Bagby's Response Modeler (Excel based) is available at and VituixCAD can also do it.

      There are two threads on that might be useful. Introduction to designing crossovers without measurement which is a sticky there. And So you want to design your own speaker from scratch! (Which I just saw is also now a sticky)


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        Originally posted by tktran View Post
        Apparently a 3.3” midrange is coming from Scan-Speak.


        was at Troel’s website before shortly taken down?

        You know you’re an influencer when you get early access/samples and everyone gets excited.

        bye bye wallet.
        I have been looking at some designs on his site the last few days.


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          Originally posted by Wolf View Post
          Sorry, Response Modeler.
          OK I'm familiar and have worked with PCD ;-)


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            Paul Carmody has an excellent write up on how to do simulated measurements:
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              Any love for the pro-audio mids? For some reason I'm more drawn to those. Not that I've built anything recently, my only project is a back-burner project, but pro-audio mids just seem more robust and with good measurements. I am particularly drawn to mids from 18 Sound, B&C, and Beyma.


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                guitar maestro ,of all those 8's / 10's you were testing ,which one would you recommend and why ?


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                  I only tested harmonic distortion, which I know is not the be-all-end-all. The Beyma 10MC700Nd came out as my favorite (note I didn't say "best") IMO, based on my testing & needs and it had the price tag to match. There is a ferrite version that appears to have similar performance for a whole lot less (10MCB700), and I was informed that the B&C 10NW76 has even less distortion than the Beyma, but I don't have that one. But yea, it depends on what you want it to do. Want top-end extension? Then the 18 Sound 10NDA610 is the one you want. Etc, etc, etc. My needs will not necessarily match everyone else's.


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                    Dude, you know your way around measurements and specs. IIRC, the most incredible finding was that a 40 year old JBL was equal to the best 10 inch driver built today.