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  • TV sound bars

    I realize that sound bars are not optimum for SQ, but they are small and convenient, and many have a lot of features, so my daughter is interested. Does anyone have experience with them and what I can recommend to her? Sonos? Bose? others?

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    These some cheaper ones on Amazon that have good reviews. I would think that SQ isn't all that even on the pricier ones so I don't feel like I'd be missing anything while saving a few bucks. I'm sure PE has some good options as well.


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      Check out the Sound Bar kit right here at PE.


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        Unfortunately with the use of DSP that the big retail companies have at their disposal there just aren't a lot of DIY designs out there. There are a few 2.1 designs by Wolf and others. But most are only 2.1 and require additional amplifiers and are built with budget drivers.
        Personally I believe in the future these are going to be more popular and more designs will be available. With the time delays available on newer receivers these may be become the new norm for front stages.


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          There's this one by Scott.


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            If DIY is an option, my BarGain would also suffice.
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              The GF has been very happy with her Polk Audio Magnifi Max. Does Bluetooth, casting, integrated easily with her TV and blue ray player. It was a factory refurb from accessories4less, around 250 bucks.


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                You could also check out the ZVOX soundbars. We bought the SB500 several years ago and have been very happy with it.
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