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    Hello! I’m currently working on a mtm design using these two drivers: Tang Band W23-1287SI and the Dayton AMT mini. They are going to be paired with the Dayton ES140TiA-8 Woofer at a later time as it’ll have its own cabinet. The crossover will be handled by the Dayton DSP-408. The goal is to have the mtm cabinet on top of the woofer’s cabinet but be able to stand alone as sort of satellite and subwoofer combo for the time being. I was thinking this would be an ideal cabinet size: 4in (length) 3.5in (width) 6in (height). The drivers will be offset from the center by half an inch to the right/left. I know that midrange doesn’t need a large box but figured that since I can give it this space it would be potentially beneficial but what what do ya’ll think. Should I go with a smaller cabinet or stick with what I’ve come up with? Also, I’m not sure what material and thickness I should use for this application, I was thinking 1/2 msg but that might also be overkill for these small drivers. Any feedback is welcome, thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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    (Even if you don't box-model in WinISD) PE recommends 0.04cf SEALED (per driver). For an MTM, that's 4X YOUR box size (0.02cf).
    Also, for a (vertical) MTM I end up w/7" tall (w/2x3s oriented badly) or 10" tall (turned vertically).

    I'd like to see a drawing of your proposal?
    You know these'll barely do 200Hz, right?


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      Hey Chris, To be honest, I forgot that WinISD was a thing and the dimensions were a combination of best guess based off of information that I could find and a matter of convenience. I’m not set on any particular dimensions at this time. Making an assumption based on your comment about the height of the speaker and the mtm configuration that there’s a recommended design for mtm’s if so, can you point me to them? As for the 200hz remark, I do understand this, when I have the time and $ to invest in the second part of the project, the ES140TiA-8’s cabinet, I plan on having the woofer handle everything up to 800hz and the tweeter will be crossed right about 6khz. I plan on efficiency matching the drivers with the dsp as well. Of course any critiques on this is welcome as well😁 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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