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    Some time ago (too long ago really) I was asked by Karma Mobile Audio to design a speaker using their Allure line of drivers which currently include a 6x9, 6.5, and 1" soft dome tweeter. Karma's drivers are designed and built by Audible Physics for the US market. I reached out to Paul Kittinger for his aid in designing a MLTL for this build. I did not want a tall, tower but something that would be easy to build and have solid bass into the lower 40s at least. Well, Paul being Paul designed a cabinet to my dimensions that gets this "car audio" driver into the lower 30s! Simmed Fb is 33hz and F3/10 is 38/27! It is a single fold line with fill in the front lower portion of the line. I used batting because of its consistenecy vs loose fill.

    The crossover is a pretty straight forward affair. Second order, third order electrical, woofer, tweeter respectfully resulting in third/5th order slopes and a 2.2khz crossover point. Note that there is no padding resistor on the woofer regardless of the fact that these have about 3-4db of BSC on the woofer! Though the crossover does allow for up to a two ohm padding ahead of the filter for listener preference. These are designed to sit fairly close to a rear wall, about 12" away.

    The tweeter mounting is unlike any I have ever seen and is quite clever. There is a rear ring that is threaded onto the body. This makes the flush mount appear as if the tweeter is rear mounted. No real benefit for home audio, but very helpful in car audio! The woofer has both binding posts and terminals, plenty of cooling and a very unique grill if you choose to use it. Overall build quality is superb.

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      The cabinets are 3/4" oak ply (bought WAY before these crazy current prices!). Braces are 3/4" mdf. All internal panels are the same dimensions for ease of construction. Overall they are 36"h 9"w 12.25"d with a bottom cavity to house the crossover. Tweeter is 33.5" from the floor. I expect that to come up about 1.5" once I add feet.


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        This project started in January of 2021 and I'm happy to see it come to fruition. To refresh my memory, I just finished looking at our email exchanges about it. I hope you enjoy its performance. If you still have them, you might want to share some of the predicted performance graphs from my modeling.


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          I will do that Paul. I just finalized the crossover so now they are in the shop for finishing. Bass performance is excellent!


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            Here are the sims from Paul. They match the actual build perfectly!


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              After a bit of listening, I decided to revisit the crossover and improve the phase response. It was close but I knew the integration between drivers could be a bit better. Notice that there is now NO padding resistor on the tweeter! Though for some rooms or listeners this may be desired and resistor of 1 to 2 ohms may be used ahead of the crossover without effecting the transfer function. These were also designed for a placement of 12" min from a rear wall and about 4db of BSC.
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                Nice work Chuck!

                I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.


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                  Originally posted by PWR RYD View Post
                  Nice work Chuck!
                  Paul deserves credit for his work. Excellent, as always!


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                    Just waiting for a couple of inductors to arrive. With laminates in short supply I am reluctant to unwind the larger values I have. Then feel and they are done!


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