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electronics help needed.

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  • electronics help needed.

    working on the sharp mini and seem to have an issue, something appears to be happening causing the BT/AMP etc to restart when it gets a slight amount of load. The buck converter i have chosen to use has a LCD screen on it and when i gets a little juice, the numbers go all wacky and then it turns off. On my boozetooth speakers, the choice of tiny amp needed to have a capacitor across the pos/neg terminals, which i had done here as i thought it was board specific. I did choose to step up the voltage from 3.7v to 7v so maybe its asking too much or my buck converter is faulty.

    The other issue i have is the amp has a Pot which turns it on and off, i soldered a double gang to it and a SPST switch to the two nodes underneath which helps in turning the board on\off. I swear i had it working a few months ago where i didnt need the use of the original pot to use it via this way, but it seems like it needs to be left on, anyone know how to get around this?

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    Sounds like classic brown-out symptoms.
    It wasn't clear where your added capacitors are in the circuit, but if they are directly across the output of the buck convertor, that might be considered unkind.