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Kallah 2way mini bookshelf for my wife

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  • Kallah 2way mini bookshelf for my wife

    My Kallah (Hebrehw for bride) started a new job recently. Her job keeps her pretty much by herself most of the time and listening to Spotify over laptop speakers wasn't cutting it. I had heard the SB Acoustics SB12PFCR25-4 at InDIYana this year playing as a full-range with no filtering. Myself and many others were amazed by this little sucker! By the end of the show on Saturday, they were mine LOL.

    They are a very versatile driver able to be used sealed paired with a sub or in bass reflex and able to dig pretty deep for a 4" driver. I selected a cabinet with dimensions of 11"H 6.5"W and 8"D using 1/2" BB ply and an Fb of 55Hz and F3/6/10 of 52/46/41Hz in about 6L. These are going to be placed very close to a wall so they will be getting a boost in the bottom end from the wall and table. No sub being used here!

    While the woofer was decided, the tweeter was not. I went through my inventory of tweeters and selected a few based on size, ability to cross fairly low, THD, and a few other criteria. The woofer has what I would call a shelf in its response starting at about 2k along with a rise due to a narrow baffle at 600 to 2k. This is why a lower crossover point became necessary. So I loaded up tweeters that I had on hand to see just what would work in this particular case. On hand are the Beston RT003C, the Airborne RT200021, the Peerless DX20BF00-04, the SB Acoustics SB26STCN, the Dayton ND20FA-6, and a pr of old school CSS LD25X (seriously overkill!). In the end I was looking the the SB26STCN and LD25X due to that necessary lower crossover point. While I could have pushed the crossover point higher, easily into 5-6k range, this would have necessitated more parts than i really wanted to use and space was already at a premium. I am a huge fan of the SB26STCN and have used it in a number of projects. Great tweeter! In the end, I chose the LD25X. I had been waiting for another project to use them in since disassembly of my large 3way Intrepid project and well, my girl deserves them!

    Attached are the final pics and sim results which match the measurements beautifully. You will just have to take my word on that as I somehow forgot to save the final measurements! DOH! Click image for larger version

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    That's a cool project for a good cause. It's nice that the wife enjoys great sound and appreciates the quality of nice sounding speakers. They look pretty nice as well!
    I think that low 50s/high 40s is fine for almost any speaker, and the size is right too on those. I like when I'm impressed with a particular driver, stuff these days is so good, it's it's bit hard to stand out.

    Is that the high output Lepai amp?

    Nice project, thanks for posting details up on it.. I love to read about what you guys are up to..

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