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    Originally posted by Chris Roemer View Post
    Do I think that a "designer" (getting no compensation) should spend time/money on a "redesign" over time as drivers change? No I do not.
    Most of you can tell (approx.) how old designs are by their post dates.
    More often than not, older designs are still being built by newcomers to our hobby.
    Many of them will give an "opinion" as to whether or not the design lived up to their expectations.

    Mr. C. HAS (more than most peeps) tried to stay "aware" of driver changes (I think one of his tweeters ended up with the polarity markings swapped - from the factory).
    He's also swapped out (NLA) tweeters for those more available for many of his most popular designs.
    That's really all that can be expected of us, right?
    Assuming this is all just from the current drivers not sounding/measuring like the older ones of the same model, then at least it means there aren't any popular mistakes being made anywhere else, like during the measuring process (except maybe by PE from what it sounds like by your ND105 experience). That's kind of a silver lining at least.

    As far as expectations, I suppose it depends on whether or not the company or person is using those measurements as advertising, how far from accuracy they end up, which aspects they're charging money for, etc.
    A few examples of my (potentially misguided) expectations:
    -The OS design is freely shared and it doesn't appear like the measurements have changed very drastically (PaulC's earlier comments suggest it's still roughly following his preferred voicing, and there isn't a flood of user complaints or anything like that). Maybe a little frustrating for the designer and any golden-eared users, but mostly harmless.
    -When a modest or large drop in accuracy happens to a paid design that's advertising accuracy or a useable FRD, then the customer isn't getting what they paid for. That can (should?) hurt sales and make future customers a little wary of the brand.
    -If even a freely shared design suffers a drastic enough change where the measurements are way off and/or a flood of user complaints happen, then it might hurt the designer's reputation somewhat if they leave it as-is. I don't know how common drastic changes are though...for all I know it doesn't happen at all.
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      Well to be frank a speaker can be hand tweaked to a
      +/- 1dB response for the on axis, but to get it replicated on dozens if not hundreds of pairs of speakers, ( regardless of DIY or production ) it’s really hard, if not impossible to do, without lots of re$ource$