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  • Voxel amp solution

    I currently have my one Voxel powered by a SA100 plate amp. I like the way it works, except that it stays warm even when in standby and if I switch the power from a strip (or if our power goes out for a moment) it thumps really loud on powerup. I could connect a speaker protection board in-line with it and solve that problem but it would be more wires and electronics.
    I'm planning to add a second one to the same setup, which will mean another amp.

    I have an Ice Power 50ASX2SE and picked up a cheap little subwoofer crossover board but it didn't sound right as I adjusted it and after running REW I found their 'crossover' adjustment didn't change the top frequency, it just kind of messed up the curve and drops the overall level. And it pops on power off. (not as loud as the SA100 on power up though) All of these that are for sale look very similar so I'm assuming most are junk.

    It would be nice to use the 50ASX2SE for this as I don't have anywhere else for it. It looks like a ROLLS SX95 would hook up nicely to it and control stereo subs. (would I need separate volume controls?

    I have an OSD SMP100 that is a class D but it has a lot of noise and distortion if I don't keep the level pretty low. I don't know if I got a bad one or if that is just the way they run.

    There is a new ClassD SPA100D that may not thump....


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    Use the enable pin on the ICEpower. Header P102 pin 1. Use a switch between the pin and ground.
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