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  • build a sub with this?

    I've got a Silver Flute W20RC38-08 8" Could I build a relatively small subwoofer with this for low to moderate levels of music?


    Re 7.3 Ohms
    Sensitivity 91 dB
    Power 100 watts
    Fs 30.8 Hz
    Qms 1.30
    Qes 0.28
    Qts 0.23
    Vas 83.3 Ltrs
    Mms 20.9 g
    Cms 1281.1 mM/N
    Sd 0.0214 M2
    BL 10.1 TM
    X-max 5 mm
    Le @ 1kHz 0.92 mH

    Krm 1.65 mW
    Kxm 32.793 mH
    Erm 0.853
    Exm 0.591


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    That driver does not like to play very low. I have modeled it hoping to use it in a 3-way, but was not happy with the results. It didn't model well below mid 40's. Now as a disclaimer, I modeled it with factory specs, but have not measured one myself. The 6.5's model better in the low end than the 8's.


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    The low Q suggests that you might be able to get down to 30 Hz or so with a higher order design like a 6th order bandpass or even tapped horn. Another option is an Extended Bass Shelf alignment. But before going there, you should really measure the t/s parameters first.

    Brian Steele


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      1.2 vented cu.ft. using a 3"id x 7" long port tube should do better than 50Hz @ over 100dB.
      Not really "sub" territory, but it should certainly be able to play the bottom octave of your average "rock" music to fill in for some bass-limited desktop speakers.