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    Originally posted by Paul K. View Post
    As far as the formal judging is concerned, the 3 judges will be in a private room and listen to the each entry, which will be introduced by each builder. No general attendees or other entrants will be allowed in the judging room. After the formal judging takes place, each entrant can then play their speakers in the "jam room" for everyone using either the same music as the judges used, or from their own CD.
    Thanks for clearing that up, I didn't understand what was going on.
    Did they do it that way the last time they had one?

    So what do 'we' do while the judging is going on? We're basically listening to the speakers that just finished up in judging I guess? Is pretty much everyone going to play their speakers in the 'jam room'?
    I'm sure it makes more sense than I'm making out of it.


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    • Paul K.
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      This is the first time PE has done it this way. Yes, we listen in the Jam Room to speakers having been heard by the judges while other speakers are being judged in a separate room. But, we are supposed to be voting on a fan favorite at that time.

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    Originally posted by Paul K. View Post
    <snip> the each entry, which will be introduced by each builder.
    Paul, where did you hear this? I did not find it in any of the emails.
    John H

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      What Wolf said in Post #33.

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      I read the two emails from Jill twice and don't see that comment

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    Email from Jill.
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      Below is what I copied from Jill's email on June 27 where the photos and CVs of the judges were shown:
      • Judging will take place in a separate/private room where projects will be auditioned for the judges only, one on one.
      • Once your project has been reviewed by the judges, you can then proceed to the designated ‘jam room’ where contestants will have the opportunity to play their speakers for other contestants and guests with a ten minute max from set-up.
      • Contest participants will be voting for Fan Favorite only.
      • New to note: The same tracks used for judging will be available in the jam room via a lossless digital file. Contestants can provide their own music if they prefer.
      • There will be an Onkyo C-7030 single-disc CD player available as well as Spotify.
      • Participation in the ‘jam room’ is voluntary and does not affect final contest results


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        Originally posted by DrewsBrews View Post

        Was wondering if they allowed spectators or a closed event (entrants only). They don't mention anything on the site.
        I've never been but was hoping to be a fly on the wall this year. I could have entered something, but been too busy listening to bother finishing the cabinets
        Hello DrewsBrews,

        Spectators are welcome. You do not need to enter a project to attend.


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          Hello Everyone!

          I'd like to clarify some things regarding the 2022 Speaker Design Competition.

          Firstly; Welcome back! It's been a quiet few years, and we are excited to see all your creations here at PE!

          The competition will run from Friday to Saturday.
          Friday: 7PM ~ 10PM
          Saturday: 9AM ~ 4PM

          To provide a controlled location for judging, we have added what we call the "Jam Room" this year. This area is intended for contestants to show off their builds to the rest of the attendees (separate from the judges) who will then vote for a 'Fan Favorite' to be tallied at the end of the event. Participation is voluntary and will not affect the official scoring from the judges. This is different from previous competitions where spectators would listen at the same time as the judges.

          We decided this format would be the best way for contestants to display their systems as they wish, so this year we are allowing you to bring your own media to the Jam Room. An Onkyo C-7030 and Spotify streaming will be available for use. Please leave your reel-to-reel tapes, vinyl records, and laserdiscs at home where they'll be safe!

          Spectators are welcome (and encouraged) to visit during competition hours and will be able to listen to the entries in the Jam Room.

          Finally, we will be having a garage sale to coincide with the event (pallets of raw drivers and other gear available at deep discounts at the Parts Express building). We invite you to shop the sale Friday, 3pm – 5pm, and Saturday, 10am – 4pm.

          As of today, we have 48 confirmed entries!

          We are all looking forward to seeing everyone!

          Adrian D.
          Product Line Manager


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            Click image for larger version

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            70 inches tall, 24 inches wide
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              "The colors of sound"?

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