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TS parameters desired for in wall midbass drivers

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  • TS parameters desired for in wall midbass drivers

    I am toying with trying a DIY in wall / ceiling speaker.

    One of the issues is the back volume can be anywhere from an infinite baffle situation ( back cavity is an attic or another room ) to a relatively fixed volume ( 2.7 cu ft for a typical 16' oc wall with 8 ft ceiling).

    With the latter, you could use the sealed/ ported guidelines from Bassbox that PE provides, but what about the former where I would think you need a stiffer suspension to control.

    I have an IB sub manifold I built using 4 15" Dayton Audio DVC drivers ( no longer available) that works real well, but there has been more published on sub applications than on wider range drivers that may cross over at 2KHz or higher.

    Thoughts/ guidance?

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    Look at the Cms parameter, that is the mechanical compliance. Lower number means stiffer suspension. This usually goes along with a higher Fs, which I also think would be a good idea for a mid bass in a large baffle. You don't want a lot of low frequency cone motion for a mid bass that crosses at 2k or higher, IMHO. Pro drivers might be a good fit.