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  • Visaton WF130ND

    Has anyone got any experience with this oddball? It looks like it might work well for my application, but I haven't been able to find useful end-user information online. Would you believe I'm finding the Dayton LW150-4 a bit too thick for my liking?

    I need good kick-panel midbass drivers for a '74 Dodge Challenger. It must fit behind the stock panels; the parking brake pedal is very cozy to the LH OE panel. The LW150-4's radiating mass (basic knowledge of geometry precludes me from calling it a "cone") very nearly hits the back of the kick panels with the magnet hard against the car's outer structure... without any power to it.

    Remember that knockout from high school that you later discovered was dumber than a wax anvil? Same situation: Plenty of surface to work with but precious little depth.

    Those are the only two real candidates thus far, but I'm open to suggestions that do not involve not having a functioning parking brake or cutting the door panels.