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Question about Amiga and Hitmaker

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  • Question about Amiga and Hitmaker

    Good afternoon everyone. I have a question that I want clarified.
    I am interested in building one of these speaker kits from Parts Express. 1- Amiga MT Tower Speaker Kit with Baffle Only;
    2-Hitmaker MT Studio Monitor Speaker Kit with Baffle Only.
    I have had B&W DM602 speakers (90 dB sensitivity) and a Marantz PM6006 amplifier (45+45 watts RMS into 8 ohms) for a few years.
    Since these kits have low sensitivity (84dB and 82dB respectively), I wonder if my amp will suffice for them.
    With my B&W DM602 if I turn the volume up to 11 o'clock it becomes very loud.
    I want to try some of these kits since they have good reviews.
    My B&W are very analytical and fatiguing on long listens.
    Thank you very much

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    The Amiga is more appropriate for you, as the Hitmaker is(being a monitor)designed to show flaws in a recording(so that you can fix the problem).


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      So this Ugly American had to look up your flag. OK, so the Amiga is in stock right now and the Hitmaker isn't, if you're in a hurry.

      There are many higher sensitivity kits available on the U.S. market. I don't know your circumstances, some countries make it very difficult for DIY speaker enthusiasts.

      Kits with machined baffles are very handy for those with minimal tools.

      Between these two choices, the Amigas seem more suited to a simple stereo room setup. The designer of both, Paul Carmody, mostly describes the Hitmaker in nearfield monitor terms on his website.

      He describes both as needing some power, so you might end up wanting a bigger amp.


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        Hello Jose. I spent 10 years with a pair of B&W602’s. I thought they sounded really good. After my first DIY build, the nano neo, a budget build by Chris Romer, I gave my 602’s to the kid across the street and haven’t looked back. I would think the Amigas (I have not heard them) might be a revelation. Just my experience.