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    Here are some measurements. The first pic shows the schematic of where I am at now. I also added a quick measurement to verify that I am close to my calculations. It has been super windy, so I am unable to measure outside. I will get some off-axis measurements soon. The second pic is in room, both speakers playing, at listening position. The third is in room, both speakers playing, 2 twelve inch subs playing, at listening position.
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      Initial listening impressions: I have listened to these for about 4 hours so far. As for bass, this is where these really surprised me. This 8" driver is amazing. I am super happy in that regard. The mids sound great, and are highly dependent on positioning, and my room. I am still working on that, but I have found that pointing these speakers straight out into the room works best. The highs so far also seem very good. I think I am specifically looking to find some artifact from the waveguide, but I really haven't. In my room, these really do help with some of my issues. I have an L-shaped room, so one speaker is next to the wall, and the other is not. That has caused a more diffused center image at times. These have a really good center image, and have much better instrument separation. With them pointed out into the room, the soundstage is actually wider than my other speakers with the XT25. The other thing I was going for with these is a speaker that sounds better at lower volumes. I listen a lot at night when my family is asleep or not wanting to hear my music. These are amazing at low volumes. My other 12" woofer speakers need some juice for good bass response. These do not.