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Surround speaker for the Classix series.

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  • Surround speaker for the Classix series.

    Hi all.

    I'm trying to my first speaker in XSim. I'm trying to design a rear speaker for my Classix 2.5. The original Classix 2 is an option, but it's too big.

    I'm using the same tweeter, but bought the DC130b-4 instead of the DC160.

    How accurate is XSim? Can i "trust" the sim, to give me these results?
    I've modelled 0,59 in delay for the woofer. It's not accurate. I just copied someone else z-offset from similar woofer/tweeter size.

    How can i fix the impedance dip, that goes below 4ohm?

    Best regards,

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    Would the Classix II work in a sealed and smaller cabinet; i.e. use the same drivers and crossover? That way, the sound would be consistent.

    I suggest that because the DC130 and DC160 sound rather different, with the DC130 having a better mid-range; may not matter for your purpose. I tried using a Tritrix MTM as a centre channel; I thought it would work given the drivers are from the 'Classic' range but with my Classix it didn't really work sound-wise.

    Alternatively, I'm sure a PETT member posted a crossover for the DC130 (not sure if it was the 4 or 8 ohm version) and the Vifa BC25TG used in the Classix. I suggest doing a search for that, if I can find it I'll post the link.

    Xsim is accurate if you input the right (measured) data.

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      Try a larger coil, and smaller cap on the woofer filter, and see if that brings up the impedance a little.


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        This is what I was thinking about: it's for a centre channel, but might be adaptable for two ways:

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          Thanks for your answers, and your search for the previous post.
          It looks to me, like a sealed version of the classix 2 is the way to go.

          Maybe that'll be my winter project :-)

          Thanks again



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            I'm assuming you'll need to keep the baffle width and driver layout the same?

            Worth asking the question here as to whether someone has built them sealed.