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    Hey everyone. We are going to make a modern smart TV and build it into a retro style cabinet and was wondering how to do the audio side. Was planning on a 2.1 amp and built the speaker into the cabinet but he would I get the audio to function with the tv sound and remote?

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    Just be sure the TV has an audio output that will work with the amp input. The TV remote will control the volume of the audio out. Most TVs will allow you to turn off the internal speakers as well. But IMO not going at least 5.1 is a mistake.


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      The sound bar amp my be a solution due to it having ARC built in


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        Would and audio extractor like this one work withe the arc on the sound bar amp to be able to add a sub amp?
        Parts Express HDMI Audio Extractor with Toslink and L&R Audio. Part Number: 180-995 by Parts Express.


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          I think you could but it's one more thing to have to power inside your cabinet. Why not use an amp that's already 2.1?

          And how big is this Retro TV going to be anyways? 65" cabinet?