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Opinions on these woofers - in this cabinet..

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  • Opinions on these woofers - in this cabinet..

    Hey folks, I’ve been wanting to put some woofers in my old stereo console cabinets for a while now and just picked some up which I think may work - but I’d like some opinions, please.
    Cabinets in the console measure to be 4.25 cubic ft. The woofers I just brought home are Cetec Gauss 15”, model 5831 - which crosses over to a later model number with numbers switched, model number, 3581.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    My question is, will these drivers sound OK in these console cabinets? There are backs to the cabinets, BTW. I hope to have these making mid bass on down. An external fullrange driver will be used for mid bass on up.
    Thanks for your opinions.
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    They're PA/Electric bass drivers, with very low Qes. That means they have high sensitivity but don't go very low unless in a very large box. In 8.5 cu ft ported with 30Hz tuning f3 is only 115Hz, though the large box gives an f6 of 33Hz. With a 4.25 cu ft ported box tuned to 50Hz, which is probably how they were originally used, f3 is 52Hz. If you listen to Classic Rock that's fine, but they'll never do EDM or Hip Hop.


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      IF the pictured drivers match your spec sheet (although the #s differ), and IF those numbers are accurate, you can get Bill's tuning by installing a pair of 4" id port tubes (out the back?), EACH with a length of 4".

      In that box w/that tuning, they hit their (teenie) 1mm Xmax at 8w RMS @ 70Hz (and again at 40Hz). That's 104dB @ 50Hz.
      If you don't mind the distortion, Xlim (5mm) is approached @ 190 RMS (@ 118dB).

      If you don't vent that box, they have an F3 around 125Hz with a very low "Q" (WinISD says 0.45).


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        Thanks, guys. I’m going to take these back to the guy I got ‘em from; don’t think they’ll work out in my console cabinets with their volume. Too bad though as they’re beautiful, high quality speakers.
        Thanks again for your replies.
        “Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones - you are invited!”


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          The thought of putting those in, Awesome!