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AVR Channel Switching Problems

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  • AVR Channel Switching Problems

    Apple TV 4k
    Pioneer SC-LX801
    Vizio M70
    Custom DLS Reference (5.1-ch config)
    Custom TC1000 subwoofer

    I have been experiencing this issue for some time now, and it has only gotten worse with the addition of Apple Music’s multi-channel special audio. While streaming music, the AVR turns off all channels, renegotiates the audio format, and turns on the appropriate channels between each audio track. The result is a 2-3 second delay where the audio track is playing while there are no channels switched in on the AVR. Effectively, the first few seconds of each audio track are cut off, and the track starts abruptly 2-3 seconds in. I see a lot of talk about this on forums but no solutions. Is this a universal problem with all modern digital AVRs? Does anyone know of a workaround or solution?

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    You could try streaming through a different device to your AVR that keeps the audio "alive" in between tracks. Kodi\XBMC has that option available. You could also try setting the output of the apple device and the input of your AVR to the same format.


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      This issue with a different streaming device is I would likely have to change also to a different content provider. Seems like a substantial change to address a technical issue that should never have existed. Setting both devices to the same format is also an issue because it is ATMOS content that changes format from track to track. Even if I turn ATMOS off and force material to 5.1ch PCM or even Stereo, the beginning of each track is cut off during the HDMI handshake. Seems like everybody getting on board with streaming audio over HDMI might have been a dumb idea that was not thought through very well.

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    I assume other are experiencing these issues also?? There are a million complaints about this on the internet but no solutions. Either people are just living with it, or nobody else is using a standard streaming box.