Hi all,

I am about to buy one of the few AR-LST systems sold in Sweden.
All of you know that that speaker is a beast. The weight and number of drivers…..

Now, If I go forward with this, driving from Stockholm and up to northern Sweden and that is after a friend, living there, has posted pictures, I would like to do ”Quick and dirty” first measurements of the drivers in-box before digging into the boxes and attend to the caps a. o.

(The mids and tweeters, the woofers will be refoamed directly)
Just to see if the drivers are working ”at all”.

Now, do you think is it a valid measurement to make a near-field measurement of a mid/tw to see if the driver is ”in the ball-park or not?
What can be judged from a measurement of this kind?

Stockholm, Sweden

By the way: Has any of you recent experience from this system? Good/Not so good?
Do they sound like AR-3a´s?