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    I'm trying to tweak the padding on my tweeters. I started withe the 1.5 ohm resistor (original x-over spec). However, the tweeters sounded way too bright and harsh ("S's" in voices hissed). So, I swapoed them out for 2 ohm resistors. It helped by removing the harshness but to my ears they are still too bright. I'm assuming the resistor on this x-over (see pic) is for the padding? I'm looking for a smoother warmer sound without all the bright. My thoughts are to play with higher values like 2.5 ohm or 3 ohm to see what I like best. The tweeters are Dayton RS28F silk domes. Whats the difference between this padding resistor in this crossover compared to L Pads that use 2 resistors?
    btw, I used Audyn Q4 metal caps, Could the be causing the brightness? Thanks for any help
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    Did something happen to this thread? I've got notifications about my post but all responses are gone in the thread.
    I'm certainly not good at this. Just stubborn enough to keep going.


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      When I originally created this thread, it somehow made 2 or 3 duplicates. I recently deleted the duplicates but I accidently deleted the main fault. Everyones suggestions helped, I'll post some updates later today


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        Tweeter padding:
        i took everyone's advice to put resistors "before" the tweeter crossover to tone it down. After experimenting with several values (from 1.2 to 15) and hours of listening, 6 ohms is what sounds best. It sounds way better. Without the resistor in front, it sounded down right horrible! (The highs were screaming and harsh).

        I also took the advice to put foam inside the internal midrange enclosure. The mids simply sound better (not sure how to describe the difference but it just does).
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